Vehicle installation

Vehicle installation

Fuel Shield registers every handling of the fuel tank, including the fuel cap. The system detects every attempt of theft or vandalism, like drilling the tank or spiking it. When the fuel cap is removed or replaced the system will also send a notification. With additional sensors the fuel gauge sender can be protected as well. For twin tank vehicles then 2 sensors and a sensor junction box are required.


When the tank is opened through the fuel cap and the system is armed, the siren goes off and a text message alert gets sent. The text alerts include important information like location, alarm code, speed, vehicle identification and time. The system will send a similar message when the fuel cap is replaced.

When the tank is opened through the fuel cap and the system is disarmed, it will still send a text alert every time the fuel cap is removed or replaced. This information can be useful to determine where and when the vehicle is refuelled. Does this happen at a gas station?

When the fuel cap is removed without being at a gas station it could mean that the driver is stealing fuel. Even if the vehicle is taken to a remote area where there is no mobile phone signal the text messages will get sent as soon as the signal is established.

Besides the tank security Fuel Shield also supplies sensors to prevent catalytic converter and DPF theft. The sensors are easily fitted to the exhaust system and will trigger the alarm as soon as any attempt is made to cut or remove any part of the exhaust system or the sensors.

Fuel Shield is supplied with a remote speaker and microphone. You can program up to 3 phone numbers to call the system. If dialled the system answers immediately. The driver of the vehicle does not have to touch any controls in the cab; the system is completely hands free. There is also no option for the call to be ‘rejected’ or not answered.

With this phone connection you have the choice to communicate with the driver or to just listen so the driver can’t hear you. No outgoing calls can be made as there is no keypad or driver interface.

At any time a command can be sent to the system to request the current vehicle location. Additionally the system can be set to send continuous updates on location at set time intervals over a certain time period.

This function is not designed to replace or operate in the same way as full vehicle tracking but can be useful for smaller fleets or lone vehicles that do not have a tracking system.

The system has the capability to activate systems on the vehicle by text command. This could be used to activate vehicle lights, horn or to immobilise the vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: This function is not applicable for all regions, in some countries remote immobilisation is not legal.

Fuel Shield on your vehicle

  • Fuel theft alarm: If the fuel cap is illegally removed or if the tank is drilled, the siren gets activated and the system sends a text message alert to three mobile phone numbers.
  • Catalytic converter/DPF theft alarm: Every attempt of removal and any sort of sawing motion is detected.
  • Battery theft alarm: When the vehicle’s battery is removed the alarm is triggered and a text alert gets sent.
  • Vehicle theft alarm: Place a 500 metre ‘geofence’ around the vehicle. The alarm gets activated when the vehicle is taken out of the 500 metre invisible circle.


  • If any attempt is made to remove sensors then the alarm gets activated.
  • If any sensor wire is cut the alarm gets activated.
  • If the power supply to the unit is removed a power alert gets sent using the system back up battery.
  • SIM card access is tamperproof. The system is not supplied with a SIM card.

SIM card

A contract SIM card is required to use the text and calling functions. A PAYG SIM card cannot be used for this. SIM card is not supplied with the system.