Fuel theft in the transport sector

Fuel theft numbers are growing explosively. The transport sector is especially vulnerable. Many fleet owners or drivers have had to deal with fuel theft. The fuel theft victim’s costs are considerable. A modern truck easily carries between € 600,00 and € 2.200,00 worth of fuel. These amounts are very appealing to thieves. As if the fuel costs and the damage to the vehicle aren’t enough, the time that a vehicle needs repairing, thus can’t be used, also needs to be considered.

Fuel Shield protects your vehicle against fuel-, catalytic converter/DPF- and battery theft. As soon as the system notices the fuel cap being opened, it sends a direct alarm; text alert (with time, location, vehicle and alarm code) to three mobile phone numbers and the local siren goes off. Whenever the exhaust is removed or when the system detects sawing movements it sends a direct alarm. The same happens when the power supply to the battery is removed.

Also detected by Fuel Shield is internal fuel theft. Even when the system is disarmed a text alert (with time, location, vehicle and alarm code) gets sent to the owner ever time the fuel cap is removed and replaced.

This information can be very handy to determine when and where vehicles are topped up and if refuelling happens at a gas station. If not, this could be an indication that the driver is stealing fuel. The location data will show on Google Maps where the fuel cap was removed. Even when the vehicle is taken to a remote place where there is no phone signal, the system will still send the text alerts as soon as it receives a signal.

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