The system

Fuel Shield, the system

An alarm system should be a visual deterrent. With all the Fuel Shield prominent signage we are aiming to make Fuel Shield as visible as possible. However even with a visible deterrent there has to be a backup to act when thieves are more determined.

Fuel Shield is an alarm system designed with that in mind and has an audible siren, can connect to other existing security systems and in the background it will send text message alerts to three mobile phone numbers. Fuel Shield also detects vehicle theft, catalytic converter theft, battery theft and DPF theft.

Fuel Shield doesn’t focus on skimming and syphoning; the technology makes the access to the tank completely inaccessible. When the fuel cap is opened illegally or if the tank gets drilled, the system activates a direct alarm. The system registers every handling of the fuel cap and fuel tank. With additional sensors the fuel gauge sensor can also be protected. The prevention is also active after the ignition is turned off, vehicles are often not protected against fuel theft after it has been turned off. But with Fuel Shield the tank and catalytic converter are always protected, even when the ignition is off.

The Basic and Smart system

Fuel Shield has two standard systems. Both offer the possibility to guard and register ‘possible’ fuel and catalytic converter theft. They can also be used on both vehicles and static tanks.

The Smart system

This Smart system contains all the possibilities of Fuel Shield and can be armed with a key fob or a text message. The alarm warns the owner with an audible siren, the current security and a text message alert to 3 mobile phone numbers.

Fuel cap alarm

If the fuel cap is opened when the system is armed, a siren will go off and a text message alert gets sent. These alerts contain important information, like location, alarm code, speed, vehicle identification and time. The alarm sends a similar message the moment the fuel cap is replaced.

Even when the system is disarmed it will still send text alerts, so you will always get notified.

Vehicle theft alarm

A 500 metre ‘Geofence’ can be placed around the vehicle. The alarm is activated when the vehicle is taken out of the invisible circle of 500 metre.

Catalytic converter/DPF alarm

When the sensor of the catalytic converter is linked to the exhaust, the alarm is activated and sends a text message alert when there is an attempt to damage or remove the catalytic converter of DPF. Whenever the vehicle is parked, natural movement, like loading/unloading the vehicle or a windy day/night, will not set off the alarm.

Battery theft alarm

If the battery of the vehicle is removed, the alarm will still be triggered and a text message alert gets sent.

GPS location

A command can be sent to the system by text message to request the current vehicle location. Additionally the system can be set to send continuous updates on location at set time intervals over a certain time period.

Fuel tank alarm

If the tank is drilled the system will activate a direct alarm. A sensor can be placed on the tank valve to detect unauthorised use.


If any attempt is made to remove any of the sensors or if any of the sensor wires is cut the alarm will be activated. If the power supply to the unit is removed a power alert will be sent using the system back up battery.

SIM card access is tamperproof. The system is password protected.

The Basic system

The Basic system is designed as a low cost deterrent for parked vehicles or static tanks in built-up areas or near guarded buildings. This system does not have a text function and no possibility to remotely arm or disarm the system.

Fuel cap alarm

If the fuel cap is opened when the system is armed a local alarm gets activated and a siren will go off.

This system is mostly used with an existing tracking and/or alarm system. Output of the sensors is the input of the existing tracking equipment. When the fuel cap is replaced the notifications will go via the existing tracking system.

Catalytic converter alarm

The Basic system is armed when the ignition of the vehicle is turned off. Attempts of removal and sawing  movement is detected, without annoying false alarms when for instance the car is being loaded.

Fuel tank alarm

The system is armed with a key switch on the control panel that is placed inside the vehicle. The system detects when the fuel cap is opened or drilled.



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