Fuel theft in the maritime sector

Fuel theft keeps occurring more often in the maritime sector. Big ships carry more fuel, as a result of this, these ships are very appealing to criminals. The bigger the ship, the more damage that can be done. These costs can rise up to thousands of Euros. Therefore it is very important to protect your boat or ship from fuel thieves.

Fuel Shield is the solution to detect fuel theft. With its special sensor technology the system can protect the fuel cap and the tank. It doesn’t just detect when the fuel cap is removed, it also detects when the tank itself is being drilled. As soon as the system detects this, it sends a direct alarm via a local siren and a text message alert to three mobile phone numbers.

het systeem

The system

An alarm system should be a visual deterrent. With all the Fuel Shield prominent signage …

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Vehicle installation

Fuel Shield registers every handling of the fuel tank, including the fuel cap. The system detects …

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secured by design

Secured by Design

Established in 1989, Secured by Design (SBD) is owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers …

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