Fuel theft in construction

Building sites are often locations where outside the regular work hours there is little to no surveillance. They are mostly unattended, which makes it easy for thieves, who are after your fuel or machinery, to gain access to the site. Not only is the surveillance minimal, once on site the fuel thieves have plenty of time to empty the fuel tanks and get away with it.

Your building machinery and (mobile) fuel tanks on these non-enclosed sites are at great risk, this makes the construction sector very attractive to thieves.

Fuel Shield protects you in attempts of your fuel being stolen as well as attempts of your machinery being stolen.

Prevent fuel theft on your construction site with Fuel Shield

het systeem

The system

An alarm system should be a visual deterrent. With all the Fuel Shield prominent signage …

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Vehicle installation

Fuel Shield registers every handling of the fuel tank, including the fuel cap. The system detects every…

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Stationaire tank

Static installation

A static installation can be used in both the industrial and agricultural sector as well as at homes used for heating oil …

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