Catalytic converter protection

Catalytic converter protection

With the economic crisis and high prices the interests of thieves also change. These days they aren’t directly after your car, radio or airbags. Car radios are often integrated, external navigation is becoming rare and ripping airbags is a hassle with alarms.

More eyes are focused on a different part of the car: the catalytic converter. Easy to remove and it will bring in between 15 and 150 euro at a recycling company.


High loss

The interest in catalytic converters can be logically explained. Sky-high prices of often used metals attract criminals. Catalytic converters carry valuable metals, like platinum, palladium and sometimes even gold. Besides that a catalytic converter is easily removed, the part of the exhaust system that the catalytic converter is attached to can be sawn off in only 20 seconds.

Advantages for a thief, but an unexpected high loss for you. The repair and replacement cost for a catalytic converter can easily add up from 850 to 2.000 euro. There often are long waiting lists before receiving the replacing materials, which brings other costs like downtime because a vehicle cannot be used.

Protect your car from catalytic converter theft

Vans, campers, 4x4s, SUVs and the Mercedes Sprinter are considered the most popular preys and are more often a target because of it. To protect your vehicle from catalytic converter theft we firstly try to deter with visible signs. Using a special sticker we warn to let people know that there is an alarm installed. A flashing LED light is also visible on the sensor itself. Research shows that thieves are inclined to find a different target when they see flashing lights on a vehicle.

By using special sensor technology Fuel Shield can ensure the security and protection of the catalytic converter. The CAT sensor detects sawing motions and any attempt of dismantling. This way the sensor guarantees that loading and unloading your vehicle will be without false and annoying alarm notifications.

Installation and costs

Installation is quite simple and can be carried out in about two hours or less by any competent auto electrician or fitter.


If any attempt is made to remove sensors then the alarm gets activated. If any sensor wire is cut the alarm also gets activated.