Fuel theft in the agricultural sector

Since the use of red diesel has been forbidden in agriculture since the 1st of January 2013, it occurs more often that diesel gets stolen from agricultural vehicles and machines, like tractors, combines, fork lifts, loaders, mobile cranes and self-propelled sprayers. With the transition from red to white diesel, the agricultural sector is an easy target.
Companies in the agricultural sector often own their own (static or mobile) fuel tanks for diesel storage. These machines and tanks are pretty much unattended and very accessible. This makes stealing hundreds of litres of diesel a simple task.

The high amount of fuel in these machines and tanks can lead to a considerable amount of damage. Not only the financial damage is huge, the down time of your valued farming machinery is also a direct result of fuel theft. The work and production cannot be executed because your people have to wait for the fuel supply. On top of that, compensation is hardly ever paid out by insurance companies.

het systeem

The system

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Stationaire tank

Static installation

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Vehicle installation

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